Yoga and Buddism

Historically and philosophically Yoga and Buddism have common roots going back thousands of years to ancient India. Personally I have had a fascinating with both school of thought and practices for a long time. Even though I was exposed to Hinduism growing up in my mixed household , I identify with Buddhism. So you can only imagine how excited I was when I got to witness His Holiness the Dalai Lama talk last years in Rotterdam:). But Enough about me, let’s look what these two philosophy have in common.

The mind

Both Yoga and Buddhism are guiding one on a quest of personal development & enlightenment. A mind that becomes focus and be concentrated through a practice, is a better tool on the journey of enlightenment than a mind that is easily distracted and feels fragmented.


While we ponder on the dynamic of Yoga and Buddhism we must not forget one important fact that The Buddha was an India Prince. He was educated in vedantic philosophy, was a yoga practitioner and was on a quest of self understanding and enlightenment.


Buddhism as well as yoga recognises that we experience suffering in our life time and that we can attain freedom from it through there specific mind and body techniques . They teach us to use compassion as a tool for personal freedom. The calming of the mind aka Meditation is an ancient yogi practice used by Buddhist (and yogis) to go through the fluctuations of the mind and beyond, to create union with oneself , others and the world at large. Buddhism and yoga ultimate goal guides us toward enlightenment its a philosophy and way of life aimed to live at peace with oneself and the world around you.

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