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The Hague Beach stadium Scheveningen, Strandweg 4.


Massage, clothes swap, meditation, a full moon party and more!


All kind of yoga styles and more. Program will soon be published.

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Iris Anuenue

Iris Anuenue

Vinyasa and Dragon yoga

Iris brings yoga into all aspects of her life. She has a background in psychology, but learned through yoga the inseparably connection between body and mind ánd how yoga can help you to understand the language of your body. In her classes she focuses on breath, alignment and mindfulness. Which helps the release of blockages and creating space in your mind and body.

On a trip to Hawaii in 2016 Iris experienced the special energy of those islands. That was the moment she decided to start living her passion. Since then she returned three more times.

During the Yoga Beach festival you’ll experience in Iris’ class the ‘Spirit of Aloha’. Rainbow colours, tropical music, the sight of the ocean and the flow of movements in this playful Vinyasa style class at the Dutch beach will bring you in a ‘Hawaiian state of mind’.

Marco Kool

Marco Kool


Marco creates an environment of trust, excitement and playfulness. Out from his background in coaching, improvisation theatre and Capoeira, he teaches you to explore movement and working together. Focused on discovering your own way to raise your self confidence and have fun while doing this.

Playing airplane together. A great work-out, good for a strong ‘core’ and ‘back’. And a challenge in touch, trust and teamwork. In 2014 Marco discovers that acroyoga was his kind of yoga, which he shares with everyone. In 2018 he became a teacher in Barcelona.

On the Festival you will experience how it is to be lifted by the base. From there take on all kinds of different dynamic and acrobatic positions. It doesn’t matter at all if you don’t have any specific background. Acroyoga is not how strong or flexible you are. It is a challenge in trust and allowing someone else to work with you.

Omayma Wildiers

Omayma Wildiers

Yin and Supyoga

Omayma was born and raised in The Hague Centre. She came into contact with yoga when she was looking for a physical distraction in a period when she was struggling with many negative emotions and thoughts.

Movement and dance have always been a positive outlet for her to deal with this and within the same period of time a new yoga school had opened around the corner of her home, introducing her to different forms of yoga. The yoga classes helped her discover stillness despite the mental and emotional chaos and external circumstances. Following this, she followed  two 8-weeks Mindfulness courses and decided to start the a 1-year hatha yoga teacher training in The Hague with the intention to deepen her personal development.

In her classes she integrates Hatha and Yin postures, which means that they are held for a few seconds to 3 minutes. Her lessons consist mainly of sitting and lying postures with the intention to ground and sink from the head into the heart and belly. The focus here is on breathing, surrendering  and stillness.

At the festival she will be teaching  Yin Yoga on an SUP (stand-up paddling) board on the water! The combination of stretching, yoga postures and keeping your balance are a very good workout for the body. In addition, you’ll feel every displacement of your weight much more accurately because you are on the water. The perfect workout for your body and mind!



Benjamin Dijkhuizen

Benjamin Dijkhuizen

Gentle Hatha yoga

Benjamin was born in the Dutch city of cheese, Gouda. He grew up in the Achterhoek, the very East of the Netherlands. After wandering around during his studies in France he settled in The Hague in 2001.

As a child it was impossible for him to sit still. Although he was always moving, sports weren’t his cup of tea. Growing older he became a passionate dancer with a longing for a peaceful mind.

In 2008 Benjamin made his first steps on a yoga mat, after the advice of a friend. He was sold immediately. This was the answer to the question he didn’t realize he had.

In The Hague Benjamin applied for a 3 year Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. As well as for a Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Sitting still never became an option and therefor his yoga classes are all about movement. Soft in motion he guides you on a journey. Like a meditative ‘dance’ flowing from pose to pose, to find the unified power of the body, the breath and the mind.

During the festival Benjamin guides you through a Gentle Hatha Yoga class. A class that focuses on the elements Earth, Water and Air. You will learn to stand with both feet on the ground, to explore your strengths and to be as free as a bird.

Esther Verloop

Esther Verloop

Power yoga and classic mat pilates

Esther first encountered the philosophy of yoga in her teens because of a difficult home situation. She decided to get rid of all emotional baggage in her body and started her yoga path to ‘enlightenment’. At that time she didn’t know that this would be yoga yet.

Esther has practiced many different sports throughout her life. During (and unconsciously long before) her competitive ballroom career, Esther was missing the conscious connection between body and mind. From this loss she came in contact with power yoga and classic mat pilates. Two styles that are close to the sports mentality in terms of the physical approach, but which focus on the connection between body and mind. She is educated in classical mat pilates and yang yoga, with a focus on power yoga.

At the festival Esther takes you into the powerful and dynamic form of power yoga. We will practice vinyasa cycles and a series of powerful postures that are all performed on the rhythm of the breath for a strong and healthy body.

Ivana Anavi

Ivana Anavi

Hatha, Vinyasa and bootcamp-yoga

As a teenager, Ivana discovered yoga when she worked as a nurse for the Red Cross. Because of yoga she learned that her dharma (life focus) is creativity and helping others. She has a delightful view of life and loves to share her gift on an energetic level. She combines this with the presence of healing and compassion. She sees yoga as a therapeutic and healing method, self massage, and a interview with inner self. The essence of taking good care of yourself and others. Her philosophy comes from her gypsy roots and Taoism.

Ivana is passionate about sharing her love for Yoga and teaching with an authentic approach. She loves flows with dynamic movement but also gentle inner rhythms. She will never repeat the same class twice. She works with the elements, chakras, dance and art. Within her teaching she aims to teach her students to step out of the comfort zone. In her practice, she focuses on the core, balance and coordination. To improve flexibility, strength, but also to share what we learn from the obstacles in life.

At the festival, she will take you with her, to mainly have fun and a good time. As the festival takes place at the beach, she will take you with her as if you are on a retreat! She will teach you to flow from movement into another movement. To experience the modern aspects of yoga and helping you to experience a spinal flow. To bring you a proper workout, she will engage bootcamp-yoga styles in her practice.

Fí de Wit

Fí de Wit

Pranayama and Nidra yoga

Fi is a Yogi, Dancer and Visual artist, born and Raised in The Hague, The Netherlands. Deeply intrigued by emotions and how they manifest in our bodies, Fi acquired her certification in RYT 200 hours yoga teacher training in Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa in Rishikesh, India & RYT 30 hours Yoga Teacher training in Yin in Krakow, Poland.

Whilst on her travels around the world Fi has learned, discovered diverse knowledge and techniques in the body/mind realm. Fascinated by the traditional eastern philosophy, Fi finds new innovative ways to incorporate this ancient wisdom into our modern-day western culture.

Educated in creative arts therapy, and currently studying Chinese Medicine, it is her aim to enrich the lives of those she works with through cultivating body and mind awareness. Fi teaches diverse styles of yoga, workshops and therapeutic sessions to adults, adolescents and kids.

Fi will be teaching Pranayama Yoga & Yoga Nidra at the festival. These forms of yoga focus on cultivating the awareness of our breath and mind-body connection. This softer side of yoga practice works deeply into the body, creating space in ones mind and body, and leaving one feeling focused, calm and relaxed.

Lana Donse

Lana Donse

Hatha, Yin-Yang and therapeutic yoga

Lana is passionate about sharing the wisdom of yoga with you. In her experience, yoga is all about finding balance and discovering yourself. She got in touch with yoga in her teenage years, initially as a physical practice that she felt made her move with more awareness in her body. Gradually, she also discovered how yoga affected her at the mental level. She learned about yoga philosophy when she traveled through India and Nepal, where a whole new world opened up for her. Yoga has become a way of living in which she can find balance, love and freedom.

Her yoga classes consist of an integrated practice of breathing, movement and mindset. You move into a gently challenging flow with mindful awareness, and is open to any level. Individual adjustments are always possible, as Lana’s aim is to guide all yogis in their personal process. She will encourage you to listen to your body and heart and to do what helps you to find balance.

At the festival, Lana will be giving a workshop on yoga therapy. Yoga therapy is about self-care, which you can find through awareness of your own patterns and developing a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Do you want to discover how yoga therapy may help you? Feel welcome to join!

Nuri Akyol

Nuri Akyol

Hatha yoga

For me, yoga is learning to be in the ‘here and now’. For me, yoga is learning to breathe consciously. Yoga gives me peace of mind and body so that I can increasingly live from my heart. Yoga teaches me to ‘be’. There is no better gift I can give myself. Come and experience what yoga can mean for you.

Anne Terlouw

Anne Terlouw

Hatha yoga

Yoga has brought light into Anne’s life. A light that shines from an always present silence within. Where’s its most important to be soft towards yourself, by listening, by observing and by fully trusting your intuition. She finds that yoga is all around you, like it’s a living meditation.

While she has been educated in the hatha yoga, she’s also been inspired by a various amount of teachers. Meghan Currie, James Mattingley and Antar Khirad made her connect with vinyasa, yin and tantra yoga. Together with the teachings of Sat Shree, Sri Summairu and the Vipassana meditation techniques she now completely trusts the energy in her classes tot create the class naturally. With a full trust that this energy is creating exactly what everyone needs in that moment.

At the festival Anne will be teaching a class based on the hatha principles, by taking the time for every pose to unfold itself to you. You will discover how silence will bring more awareness in every movement and in every breath. Anne is inviting you to be open towards yourself and to be amazed by all the beauty you already have within you.

Renske Meijer

Renske Meijer

Hatha, Vinyasa, hot and Aerial yoga

From the age of 5 Renske has been intensively engaged in ballet and other forms of dance and later attended the dance academy. Through years of physically demanding training she noticed that her body needed more stability and strength, but especially a more holistic approach. Yoga offered it all.

In her lessons, playfulness comes first: never forget to play! The experiment, continuing to challenge yourself in a relaxed way, play with balance and discover what you thought you could never do: yoga is so much fun!

And during this festival we’ll make it even more fun because we’ll hang in hammocks;). Aerial yoga is suitable for beginners and advanced yogis. Through gravity and floating we’ll release.

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Go wild on cheerful pumping raw beats that go in all directions, except the standard ones. Contrasting, surprising, exciting and playful. Tribal, electro, dub, drum and bass break beat and big beat, from wild to tranquil.

Not guilty of guilty pleasures, sometimes just a little over the edge. DJ IRazya makes you you see every corner of the dance floor and herself dances a long with the vibe.

As being a performer on many events from Ecstatic dances to Mysterieland, DJ IRazya will create an atmosphere where it will be unable for you to stand still.


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Yoga festival

Let’s go outside, from the dusty studios to the beach! Try different styles of yoga in a relaxed atmosphere. The start of the first TGI Yoga Beach Festival is a fact. We will make yoga accessible for everyone. Yoga is growing in popularity, maybe getting just as common nowadays as going to the supermarket. That’s not surprising; it is great to develop a healthy lifestyle, with all the benefits of a weekly visit to the gym, and more. Discover why during the workshops covering different elements of yoga. From a challenging acro yoga workout to a meditative yin yoga class, you can find what feels good for you. There is no need to subscribe to something and we are also welcoming you if you have a tight budget; just choose one ore more classes and enjoy the yoga practice in the fresh air. Of course you can also enjoy a nice drink, the sun, the sea, the beach, all surrounded by yoga enthusiasts. Yoga is the new healthy lifestyle for balance in breathing, body and mind!
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