Yoga and Dance

As a dancer turned yogi I have always felt that yoga is a from of dance. You are dancing with the asanas and your prana (breathe).

Breath in movement

In Indian philosophy the Lord Shiva danced the world into existence and gave it order. Dance is in intricate part of Indian culture ( think Bollywood)  so its comes to no surprise that there are links between these two form of practice. In simplified terms yoga and dance can be described as breath guided by movement or breath in movement. This is the big link between the two, the breathe moves both the yogi and the dancer ( yes off course  everyone breathes) but they are more attuned with prana ( breath),  how to use and benefit from it.

The differences between yoga and dance

The big difference between Yoga (asana practice) and dance is where the focus lies. In Yoga we practice from an inner connection to our mind and body its never been about perfection, forcing ones body into the pose or competition ;these notion have unfortunately become a part of the yoga world later on with different popular forms of yoga and with the age of instagram. Dance however has always had an added dimension of “audience” involved how does the movement look and there is defiantly a component of competition and  perfectionism.

Yoga Dance

In our contemporary world a new hybrid practice of both forms has emerged Yoga Dance this “new” form is utilising the best of both world creating a practice that embodies both yoga and dance techniques from jazz, modern, native & folk dance. Yoga dance like both practices separately is a for everyone! The essence is to connect mind body and soul while connecting to the beats of the music.

Join us on the festival for our Yoga Dance session!! See you all there!

Namaste Fi 

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