The simplicity of reading spiritual books

There are so many ways to dive deeper into this life we live. Whether it is by trying out a new sport, travel to the other side of the world or just as simple as being by yourself for just an afternoon. A personal favorite of mine is to read any spiritual book that makes me more aware of myself and the world around me.

Where to start

Everyone has another interest when it comes to reading spiritual books. So take it easy when you begin. Whether you start with a book about mindfulness or immediatly try to read the whole Mahabharata, it doesn`t matter at all. Ask people around you for books that speak to their heart, search for your favorite yoga-style on Google or get inspired by social media-quotes. If you pay attention, there is inspiration all around you, we just have to become aware of it.

Diving deep

Every book is worth reading, and from my own experience, even worth reading multiple times. This is highly suggested with the major Sanskrit epics, like `The Mahabharata` and `The Ramayana`. You`ll take from it what speaks to you, which will be different every time you open it again.

One other tip; don`t force reading a book. Don`t be dissapointed when you can only read two pages at a time. It can depend on the heavy words being used, your body being tired or maybe it`s just not the time yet to read this book. Put it on a shelve and it will come back to you when the time is there.


When I started reading these spiritual books I was suprised by how many books actually are hidden spiritual gems. A simple child story like Winnie the Pooh already shows you such a simple way of looking at life. Life is so simple, we just created such a narrow way of thinking within ourselfs. Missing all these little signs of the Universe that point us to the most beautiful way of living.

Some personal favorites:

  • The One Straw Revolution – Masanobu Fukuoka
  • Meditations – Sri Krishnamurti
  • Us Two – A.A. Milne
  • The Alchemist – Paolo Coelho

Anne Terlouw

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