Captain Kombucha and a yoga lifestyle

For Thank God it’s Yoga Festival 2019 Iris and Jolein interviewd eachother. Iris is a yoga teacher and will offer Hawaiian Vinyasa and a Dragon yoga class during the festival. Jolein works for Captain Kombucha a sparkling natural probiotic soda drink.


Captain Kombucha a sparkling naturalCaptain Kombucha and a yoga lifestyle a sparkling natural

Captain Kombucha and a yoga lifestyle Iris: How did Captain Kombucha come into existence?

Captain Kombucha and a yoga lifestyle Jolein: During a road trip in the U.S. Peter and Matus discovered Kombucha. They brought it back home and shared it with family and friends. That’s how they learned their grandparents in Czech had been brewing this drink at home back in the days. They decided to combine their passion for business and their background to make their own Kombucha. Their love for the ocean inspired them to move to Portugal where they found the right conditions. Their goal was to brew the best Kombucha.



Iris: I had my first Kombucha on Hawaii. It was presented as THE healthy alternative for drinking. I love it and I’m a big fan! For a little while I brew it myself. It’s a fermented tea with probiotic features. Good for your intestines. How does the process of fermenting tea into Kombucha work exactly?

Jolein: Fermentation is a process through which bacteria, fungae and yeast are used to make a food product. Examples of such products are also yoghurt, beer and sauerkraut. In fermentation bacteria, fungea or yeast transmute parts of the product that change the acidity, taste, smell or appearance. Captain Kombucha is a natural light sprinkling drink with a sweet and sour taste. By adding a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) the sugars in the tea will start to ferment. The bacteria and yeast in the SCOBY ‘eat’ the sugars and will excrete amino acids, enzymes and vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6 en B12). This is what makes Kombucha super healthy.



Iris: Why are amino acids, enzymes and these B vitamins good for our bodies?

Captain Kombucha and a yoga lifestyle a sparkling natural

Jolein: Through these substances Kombucha gives your body a natural detox. Kombucha contains glucuron acid. This bodily substance is produced in the liver and supports the liver in it’s cleansing and detoxing function of the body. Together with bilirubin (the breakdown product of hemoglobin) glucuron acid binds toxic substances that subsequently can leave the body safely. The detoxing function of Kombucha lets bodily processes run more efficient through which you feel more energetic. The probiotic bacteria (which every fermented product contains) contain different amino acids and enzymes. These support and enhance the digestion.



Jolein: What kind of life style do you aim for?

Iris: I try to live a conscious life style. Being aware of what’s healthy for the body and for this planet. I find it important that products contain substances that heal my body and that products are produced in an ecological, biological and fair manner.

Jolein: What does a conscious lifestyle mean to you?

Iris: A conscious lifestyle means to question everything in life. What do I buy? Why do i buy it? How is it made? Where does it come from? What’s in it? Why do I make the choices that I make? Which patterns and habits do I have that don’t serve me? Where do these come from? How and what can I choose differently? Only when you know and are aware of these things you have a conscious choice. And if you can choose consciously yourself without following automatically the programming of your childhood, then only you are free. This costs effort and discipline. It’s a search, but you gain so much. That is yourself and your health which in turn will influence everyone and everything around you in a positive way as well.


Balans & yoga

Jolein: What do you find important when it comes to work/life balance/ taking care of body+mind+soul/ enjoy food with friends/etc.?

Iris: Balance in all areas of life is key. That’s what yoga is all about. That’s the challange for each one of us. It’s a learning process and everyone has their individual path to discover. For a long time I tried to conform to what society and my upbringing taught me and seemed to ask of me. At the time of my first office job I got sick. In 2011 I couldn’t work anymore because of burn-out and RSI related symptoms. My body let me know I had to start doing something radically different. Yoga helpt me through this. Each time returning to my mat, practicing to breathe and feel your body. That’s how I began to follow my own path and I started to listen more to my own heart. I did a lot of volunteering, travelled for a while and did some yoga courses. Now I live from my heart and I am much happier.



Iris: I really like that Captain Kombucha can be found at the kiosk at train stations next to the general health stores. Can Captain Kombucha be found in supermarkets already?

Jolein: For sure! Captain Kombucha can be found at Ekoplaza, Marqt, Jumbo and Albert Heijn. Where do you get your groceries?

Iris: Once a week I receive the Veganbox. It contains three recipes that easily take me through the week. The products are regional- and seasonal, biological, plant based and as little as possible wrapped in plastic. Every time a nice surprise delivered at my doorstep! And very easy because I don’t have to search for the right products to prepare my food. Until now the dishes are very tasty and differ each time. Totally recommended!

Jolein: Who inspires you? Do you follow certain people on social media?

Iris: My teachers on my yoga path and my friends that live from their hearts. Now I follow on social media ‘Infinite waters’ (YouTube) and Mike Posner (Instagram). If others follow their ‘path’/ do their thing/ are in flow… this resonates with that part within me. Everyone mirrors each other. That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with the right people. That’s how we help each other to live our full potential.


Personal questionsCaptain Kombucha and a yoga lifestyle a sparkling natural

Jolein: Can I ask you some more personal questions, so people can get to know you a little more as a yoga teacher for TGiY festival? Like what do you like doing in your free time and what are your favorite hotspots?

Iris: Sure! In my free time I like to go longboarding, play Rav drum, dance, be in nature and hang out with friends. Captain Kombucha and a yoga lifestyle At the moment my three favorite hotspots are: Odessa in Amsterdam, Buddha Bowl in The Hague and Conscious Cafe in Hilo on Hawaii. Coincidentally all three places Kombucha is being served as well!

Jolein: Do you practice mindfulness? And do you like to relax at a Spa or in a sauna every now and then?

Iris: Mindfulness is a daily practice and integrated into my life as a yoga teacher. Captain Kombucha and a yoga lifestyle I’m not that into spa’s actually. For me the beach, the forest or the jungle are all big spa’s! Recently at Healing garden festival I did a couple of sauna sessions and a while ago I did a sweatlodge. Those are ‘welness things’ I appreciate.

Iris: To conclude, what’s your favorite Captain Kombucha flavor?

Jolein: California Raspberry!


For Captain Kombucha klik here and to follow Iris her Hawaiian workshops and retreats klik on Spirit of Aloha Retreat.

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