Better health through yoga in nature

You will see it more and more: practicing yoga surrounded by nature. Especially during the summer and in and around cities you see yoga classing in parks popping up all around you. Without a doubt it is blissful to be outside with these temperatures. But it also has a positive effect on your health. In this blog more about a better health through yoga in nature. 



Many studies have been conducted on the influence of nature on human health. For example, it has been shown that the presence of greenery and nature reduces stress, helps patients recover faster and helps children maintain a healthy weight.

The quality of nature also plays a role in this. If the greenery in the living environment is assessed as good, people feel healthier and they have to visit the doctor less often.


Better health through yoga in natureBetter health

Being in good quality nature helps people to feel better about themselves. As a result, people not only suffer less from stress and are healthier but are also more productive. If you have already read more about yoga or practice yoga yourself, you know that yoga also contributes to reducing stress and helps you feeling healthier.


Better health through yoga in nature

So, the idea to combine yoga and nature is not a strange one. Thank God it’s yoga gives shape to this idea: a two-day beach festival full of yoga and nature. Spending two days outside, experiencing different styles of yoga, relaxing and being surrounded by people where you can be who you are.

When: Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 September 2019
Where: Beach Stadium, The Hague


Out into the nature from the studios! Will I see you there?


Esther Verloop

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